Laser PFM

  • Incredibly thinner margins when compared with conventional PFM.
  • Made using CAD-CAM Technology.
  • The CAD process detects and eliminates undercuts.
  • Long span bridges upto 14 units can be fabricated with high precision.
  • We offer Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, Fully anatomical metal crowns and bridges, Frameworks for removable prosthetics, Screw retained bridges, Inlays/ onlays & bars.
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Porcelain Fused to Titanium

  •  Manufactured using CAD CAM technology.
  • Direct milling from Titanium blanks,for the first time in India.
  • Highly biocompatible with oral tissue.
  • Greater Precision.
  • Extremely light in weight.
  • Easy to cut through in case it needs to be removed.
  • Best indicated to use on implants and full mouth cases.
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